Terms of service



In this Agreement, the following terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them:

  • "Service" refers to the SaaS service provided by the Company(Bluedesk Trust), known as Web Design Services, including all associated software, features, and functionalities.
  • "User" refers to an individual authorised by the Customer to use the Service, in accordance with this Agreement.


The Customer desires to subscribe to the Provider's subscription-based Software as a Service (SAAS) offering, and the Provider agrees to provide such services under the terms and conditions set forth below.




1. Services Provided: The Provider agrees to grant the Customer access to and use of the Service as described in the subscription plan selected by the Customer.


2. Subscription Plan: The Customer agrees to subscribe to the specific subscription plan as detailed in the pricing and plan documentation provided by the Provider.


3. Fees and Payment: The Customer shall pay the fees associated with the chosen subscription plan in accordance with the pricing terms specified by the Provider. Fees are payable on a monthly basis and shall be paid by the Customer through the designated payment method.


4. Term and Termination:

  • The initial term of this agreement shall be 1 year commencing on the day agreed upon by the Customer and Provider.
  • Either party may terminate this agreement by providing a 30 day written notice to the other party.
  • In the event of termination, the Customer's access to the Service will be revoked at the end of the current billing period.


5. Intellectual Property: The Provider retains all intellectual property rights related to the Service. The Customer acknowledges that no rights or licenses beyond the scope of this agreement are granted.


6. Confidentiality: Both parties shall treat any non-public information obtained from the other party as confidential and shall not disclose such information to any third parties without prior written consent.


7. Limitation of Liability: The Provider's liability for any damages arising out of this agreement shall be limited to the total fees paid by the Customer to the Provider during the 60 days preceding the claim.